Professional quality stationery, with a very personal touch.

My name is Laura Mays and I am your stationery expert. I help creative and busy brides to design their perfect and unique wedding invitation by working one on one with your to create a design that is truly you.

I have been designing wedding stationery since 2008 and one thing that I have learned is that no two weddings are the same. You have spent hours, days, months researching the perfect wedding details and you deserve to get it right. You get to invitations and you find every store is the same - you can pick from these 20 fonts, these 3 papers and in the end it just isn't quite YOU. I believe that every invitation deserves to be custom. 

I work with only the finest paper designed exclusively for the wedding industry. You will find nothing flimsy or cheap. You will have over 250 colors to choose from in matte, shimmery, letterpress and patterned papers.

My friends might think that I'm a bit nutty about printed products and a smidge bit critical about it, but I only print what I think it the best. I print most orders myself, in my home or at my design studio - one, by one by my own two hands. If you want to ramp up your design with letterpress, thermography, gold foil or embossing - I send those pieces out to only my most trusted printers. They know me by name and do not hesitate to contact me with questions. 

BONUS - Extra fun facts about me!
While not exactly traditional, I have a background in biomedical engineering. I have a masters degree in neurorehabilitation engineering but gave it all up to start a family and a career that allowed me the freedom to work how I wanted, when I wanted and with my kids by my side. At least one of my four boys is with me on any given day. I take breaks to snuggle. I pause to play catch. I work the most random hours ever.

I started Invited by LamaWorks ( just as LamaWorks then!) back in 2008. I had just gotten married and suddenly found my life void of craft projects. I started knitting some hats - that my friends all loved - and found Etsy. LamaWorks was started partially as a hobby and partially as a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. One sale turned into ten, turned into fifty. 

A year later I found myself at a crossroads in life. My husband and I decided to leave Chicago and relocate to his home town of Quincy, Illinois. I took the leap and quit my day job to start a new adventure. Knits were seasonal so I started selling small wedding accessories - cards and table numbers - during the summer. Before I knew it the knits were gone and I was fully invested in the wedding business.

Since then I have opened up a storefront where you can find me designing, printing and trimming during the week. I share space with Lavish Floral Design to combine the power of flowers with invitations.    

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