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Purple, lavender, taupe, khaki, brown - all the perfect colors for a great summer wedding. Are you a minimalist and modern bride. Choose your colors to send your guests the message - all bright for a bold look, lightly pastel and neutral for a lighter look. This modern wedding invitation is complete is a great fit for any modern wedding. Accent your wedding the right way from start to finish.


There’s a wedding invitation out there for everyone. You might not be the type of bride or groom that wants to spend weeks researching papers and colors and fonts for your invitations. You see something you like, no frills, no fuss, you just want to order it. I hear you! I’ve come up with a new line of invitations that are just for you.

These aren't bogged down by endless layers of paper. Their beauty shines through on beautiful paper, gorgeous fonts and text colors work some magic. Just because your budget isn't endless, doesn't mean you can't have beautiful invitation - it's all about using high quality paper with a beautiful design.

You can find the full studio collection line here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/LamaWorks?ref=hdr_shop_menu§ion_id=5611619

- Your choice of paper
~white or ivory smooth (110 lb)
~white or ivory eggshell (120 lb)
~shimmery white (105 lb)
- Your choice of invitation pieces you want to include (invite, RSVP, medium insert, etc)
- Your choice of ink colors
- 3 rounds of proofs

Here’s what you DON’T get:
- Additional layers of paper behind your invite
- Pockets or enclosures
- Changes to fonts or layout
*if you want any of these options, please contact me about a semi-custom order

My signature paper for these sets is a 120 lb Eggshell paper in either white or ivory, a high end heavyweight cardstock with a luxurious texture found only in the best paper. If you don't love texture, you can also use a 110 lb smooth cardstock in either white or ivory for the same price.

If shimmer is your style, you’ll love the 105 lb Metallic Pearl in white as well for an additional fee.

All of my wedding invitations are flat printed on the highest quality cardstock using a commercial printing press. Unlike my semi-custom and custom invitations, the simple collection I do outsource to a commercial printer so I am not there to fine tune the colors, however I do review all orders in person before they are shipped to you.

Matte Eggshell or Smooth Paper (white or ivory)
Invitations, 5x7” - $1.45 each
RSVP Cards, 3.5x5” -$0.85 each
RSVP Envelopes, (square flap), blank - $0.45 each
RSVP Envelopes, (square flap) printed - $0.95 each
Small Insert Card, 3.5x5” - $0.80 each
Medium Insert Card, 4.25x5.5” - $1.05 each
Large Insert Card, 4.5x6.25” - $1.45 each
Mailing Envelopes, (square flap), blank - $0.50 each
Mailing Envelopes, (square flap), printed return address - $1.00 each
Mailing Envelopes, (square flap), printed return address and guests addresses - $1.50 each
Belly Bands, 1.5x12” - $0.80 each

Shimmery Paper (white only)
Invitations, 5x7” - $1.90 each
RSVP Cards, 3.5x5” -$1.00 each
RSVP Envelopes (triangle flap), blank - $0.85 each
RSVP Envelopes (triangle flap), printed - $1.35 each
Small Insert Card, 3.5x5” - $1.00 each
Medium Insert Card, 4.25x5.5” - $1.35 each
Large Insert Card, 4.5x6.5” - $1.90 each
Mailing Envelopes,(triangle flap), blank - $1.10 each
Mailing Envelopes, (triangle flap), printed return address - $1.60 each
Mailing Envelopes, (triangle flap), printed return address and guests addresses - $2.10 each
Belly Bands, 1.5x12” - $1.00 each

Round mailing stickers, 2.5” - $0.45 each
Add a die cut shape to your invite - $0.55 each (6 shapes to choose from)
Additional rounds of proofs - $25 per round

• Invitations with Blank Envelopes
• Response Cards
• Printed Response Envelopes
• Up to 3 rounds of proofs personalized in your wording
• 120 Eggshell paper in Ultra White

$3.70 each

Small Enclosures ($0.80) | Medium Enclosure ($1.05) | Large Enclosures ($1.45) | Belly Bands ($0.80) | Return Addressing ($0.50) | Guest Addressing ($0.50)

Complete your package from start to finish and save yourself hours of handwriting them. No sticky labels to take away from the elegance of your invite either - each envelope is printed by hand.

How should you get them to me?

I will need your full guest list in excel with each line of the address in a new column, so please follow this template:
Column A - Guest’s names
Column B - Gusts’s names line 2 (commonly used for children or 2 adults that live together but aren’t married or dating)
Column C - address line 1
Column D - address line 2 (if needed)
Column E - City, state and zip code

***Only you know your guests names and addresses, therefore I will never edit them. If you want each state name spelled out, you must send it to me that way. If I receive your file in a format other than that specified above, you will be asked to retype it all.

Wedding day accessories are available to match every design. If you don’t see it listed, just ask!
Programs | Place Cards | Thank Yous | Table Numbers | Menus


1. PURCHASE DEPOSIT - Purchase this $100 deposit listing by clicking “Add to Cart” and completing checkout. During checkout, please leave the following information in the 'notes to seller' box:
- how many you need
- your paper choice and color:
~ smooth 110 lb cardstock (white or ivory)
~ eggshell 120 lb cardstock (white or ivory)
~ shimmery 105 lb cardstock (white only)

The deposit and shipping charge will go towards your order total. 50% of your order will be due before I order the printed products with the remaining balance due before I ship them to you.

2. HANG TIGHT - Once I see your order, I will send over a brochure for you to select exactly the package items that you need. I work in a client management software called Honeybook, so please keep an eye out for an email from them.

4. CONTRACT, TIMELINE AND WORDING - After you make your selections, I will send over a contract that lists out everything you will be receiving, a payment schedule as well as terms and conditions. I will also send over a detailed timeline with approval and wording expectations to keep us on schedule. The last document you will receive will be a questionnaire to begin submitting your wording.

5. PROOFS - I will send digital proofs of all of your designs through Honeybook for review. Your initial proofs may take up to 2 business days, proofs thereafter are usually received within 1 business day. Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included with your package. I’ll spend as much time necessary working with you to perfect your invitations, however beyond your 3rd proof, I will add on a $25 proofing fee for each additional round! Nothing is printed until I have your final proof approval.

6. APPROVAL - Your signed proof approval form and 2nd payment of 50% of your order are due before your invitations are ordered. Once approved, I will send them off to print. You can expect printing to take about 10 days.

7. MAIL OUT - Your final payment plus shipping is due before they leave my studio and ship to you. I do ship all orders to me first so that I can give them a critical look over and check for any printing errors. All orders are mailed out using USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). Expedited shipping is available.
**clients outside of the US are responsible for all customs fees


Sample sets are available so you can experience my high quality materials and gorgeous design work in person before placing your full order. You can purchase a sample from the dropdown menu in this listing. Each set includes an invitation, response card, envelopes in eggshell ultra white or ivory paper. If you have a color in mind or would prefer shimmery, please leave a note as you check out and I will send over at least one piece in the requested paper.


WEDDING PRODUCTS - Full wedding orders are a 3 step process.

1. PROOFING DEPOSIT - All wedding orders start with a proofing deposit. Proofing deposits are either $50 or $100 depending on the product - that price can be found within the listing. General sketches to show you color schemes are happily provided before this point, but customized text and changes to fonts and graphics require a proofing deposit first.
**You will be charged a small shipping fee on this order, that is a flaw in Etsy that I am aware of. I will apply this amount to your final shipping costs!!

2. PAPER DEPOSIT - 50% of your full order is due before I order paper. This payment can take place as soon as you are confident in your quantity needed and paper colors, but is generally preferred within a week of starting your order. Paper takes about 7-10 days to arrive, any delays in payment will push your invitation schedule back. Changes to either quantity or paper color beyond this point may incur restocking fees or additional charges.

3. FINAL PAYMENT - The remaining balance of your order plus shipping is due before your invitations or wedding day paper ships out.

STATIONERY - payment for stationery products is due before the proofs are created and items are produced.

Shipping from United States

All orders ship via the USPS method that you select during checkout unless you contact me separately for UPS or FedEx.

All orders valued over $100 do also come with shipping insurance so if anything is damaged, please take pictures of your box and contact us as soon as you can!

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
I love my international customers, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of!

Please be aware that you may be responsible for any customs fees that your country may charge. It is up to you to look into these fees ahead of time. I will NOT falsify customs forms in any way to reduce your customs fees.

Most orders will ship with USPS Priority (6-10 day) or Express (3-5 day) mail. Both of these options do come with tracking information. For some orders I can also ship first class, but there is no tracking information and no guaranteed delivery time frame.

** Customs!! Please understand that customs delays are VERY common for certain countries! It can take up to SIX weeks for your box to clear customs. I recommend following your tracking information carefully and contact your parcel force or customs office as soon as you see it has entered customs. You may be able to pay any additional customs fees you have over the phone or online to expedite the customs process.

I do the best I can to help you through the shipping process, but please be understanding that once it has left the US, I have no power to track it down and it is solely in the hands your country's postal service.


I am sure that you will love the item that you receive, and I do everything I can to make you comfortable during the ordering process. A wedding is a big deal and you are trusting us with one of the most important pieces.

Due to the nature of custom orders, refunds of completed products are not available so please proof carefully! Spell check is not reliable and I am not responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors that are not caught! I feel that it is not my right to question how you would like to word something on your invitation - it is after all yours - so please read through each piece carefully!

If you change or cancel your order before it has been printed, you may be responsible for paper restocking and design fees. These fees will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you change or cancel your order after invitations have been printed, but before they are shipped out, you are still responsible for final payment on the design since all design, printing and assembly work will have been completed at this time.

What you see on the final proof that you approve is what goes to print. However, if a mistake is made on my end and spelling differs from the final proof that you approved I will happily correct the error at no cost to you and make sure that it happens as fast as possible.

Once a proof has been approved through the proof approval form any revisions, error corrections and/or preference changes after this approval will be deemed “new work” and invoiced in addition to this project’s fees.


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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
I work at home, I work at the studio, it varies day by day!

I have 4 kids so my hours are nontraditional and can be very random. Please respect that while I may return a few emails over the weekends, I do try to leave my weekends free to be with my family as much as possible.

If you are local to the Quincy are please call my studio to set up an appointment - 217-222-9010

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I work under the ideal that "All invitations deserve to be custom". I want your invitation to be as unique as you and your wedding are. I do all of the graphic design work myself, so that means that anything can be changed - colors, fonts, layout, size …..

Like more than one of my invitations? I can combine elements of your favorite designs together to create something perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

If you have any customizations to make to your wedding invitations, we'll talk about that first. I'll send you over a brochure that has design options and a la carte options to choose from. Custom wording will not be changed until a deposit is in.

Once you make your selections, I'll send you a contract that outlines what you are receiving, payment expectations and store policies.

Your $100 deposit will start the design process. At this time your wording will be used and you will be sent proofs of your design. Your 2nd payment is due before I order paper.

Once approved, I'll go to print!

Your final payment is due before they ship.

Do you print guests addresses?

Yes! Printed guests addresses are an additional $0.50 each. If you prefer hand calligraphy, I can get you in touch with one of my awesome calligraphy friends.

How long do orders take?

SAVE THE DATES - about 3-4 weeks

INVITATIONS - about 4-6 weeks

WEDDING DAY PRODUCTS - about 4-6 weeks

TABLE NUMBERS - about 2 weeks

THANK YOU CARDS - about 2-3 weeks


EVERY DAY STATIONERY - about 2-3 weeks

I don't have that much time, is there anything that would speed the process up?

If you need to get your order faster than the timeline stated above, I do offer rush orders. Rush orders will incur 2 additional fees:

1. An additional 15% or $25, whichever is greater

2. Charges associated with rush shipping the paper in. This varies from about $30-$100 depending on the speed of shipping. I will give you options before I order

Placing a rush order means that your order is at the top of my priority list for both design and printing. Excessive changes to the design, incomplete information or delays in replying to messages on your end will delay the process.

What is a DIY kit?

I have found that a lot of my brides are crafty enough for a little DIY work, but are intimidated by the process of designing a full invitation. If you purchase a DIY kit, I will print and cut everything, but leave it for you to tape the layers of paper together. I'll always include one together so you know what it will look like!

You can find the DIY kit pricing in the price drop down menu up top.

*Belly bands are always shipped flat for you to wrap and tape as you mail them out. Lace belly bands come to you sewn together and ready to wrap.

What type of printing do you use?

Most of my orders I print in house with digital printing.

I do also have an outside printer that I can use for:
- digital metallic gold
- digital metallic silver
- letterpress
- thermography
- embossing
- debossing
- foil

Will I see my design before you print it?

Yes! I will send you as many proofs via PDF that we need until you are happy with your design.

Printed proofs are an additional $25 and take about 2 weeks to arrive.

Can I get a digital design rather than printed?

I am incredibly picky about how my orders are printed and I value the end product, so I do not sell digital files.

What colors can I use?

I have over 250 paper colors to choose from so the options are endless!

You can see all of the current paper colors in the wedding stationery catalog found here:

Patterns and some specialty papers are not listed, if you don't see something you like there, just ask and I'll try to find it for you!

My budget is lower than the price listed - can I get it cheaper???

A budget is SO important and I want to do what I can to make sure you stay right on track. Paper pricing varies so much based on the type of paper, paper size, and labor involved. I can adjust nearly any design to fit a variety of price points. If you need to trim down the cost, we can consider taking out pockets, backings or envelope printing. You can still make an invitation beautiful on a budget.

Just fill out the consultation questionnaire to get started:

** I do what I can to honor budget requests, however please expect it to be at least $2.10 per invite for a single layer 5x7 invite, RSVP card and blank envelopes.

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