Every invitation deserves to be as custom as the couple getting married. I'm Laura, your guide to gently walk you through the process and make this bit of wedding decision making easy and care free.

Custom stationery design, what in the world does that mean??

It means you can pick any design in my store and make it you - uniquely YOU.

Start with choosing the invitation that draws you in, the one that makes your eyes the happiest. Then think about the things you might want to change ....

- Do you want to use a purple backing rather than gold?

- Is your heart set on having jet black envelopes?

- Do you have your heart set on a more modern, less swirly and formal font?

- Do you love the idea of flowers on your invite but want roses rather than irises?

- Do you have a lot of information to include and want to include a pocket to organize it?

- Or, are you a minimalist that just needs an invite and RSVP card, no pockets at all?

- Do you need to cut the price down a bit by taking some of the excess layers of paper out?

- Do you really want a bright envelope liner?

- Do you want to add in ribbons, twine or belly bands?

- Is your heart set on thermography, letterpress or foil printing?

All of these things are possible. Click here for your full how to guide to custom invitation design. I'll explain it all in detail so you know exactly what your options are. Look through it and then shoot me a message to ask about customizing your inviations. I'll guide you through the ins and outs and make sure you get an invitation you love for the price that you can afford.