I have over 250 papers to choose from - yeah, that's a lot. BUT that means that I can find something unique and perfect for you! I work with one paper brand exclusively and let me tell you, they are top notch. They started as invitation designers themselves and provide only the highest quality paper and customer service. 

Most card stocks weigh between 90 and 120 lb. From pockets to envelopes, to envelope liners, to vellum - I've got you covered.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your colors:


Both are lovely! Matte paper is very traditional and formal. Shimmery adds a bit of sparkle and grandeur to your invites. Keep in mind that shimmery is harder to write on, so if you are hand writing envelopes or making thank you cards - consider matte!


Most papers are flat, linen or a light drywall in texture. Textures are fantastic, and a crisp linen paper is really sophisticated, but don't forget that texture affects printing, so if you have a high color design, flat paper is your best option.


Patterned and duplex papers give a wow factor. Patters add spice to a design. Duplex papers are two different colors - the front may be charcoal, but the back is ivory. This is a very unique way to add depth to a pocket or gate card - your guests will never see it coming!

Patterns and duplex papers are not shown here, please contact me privately for those options.


Vellum is a very thin, opaque paper. Use it to layer between your invite and insert cards to protect it in the mail or have a design printed on it to add a stunning unexpected layer.


No white or ivory???

Yes, yes - don't worry!! I have more shades of white and ivory than you care to know exist - it's like picking white paint. They all vary slightly by their base tone - warm tone, cool tone, golden tone ... You tell me if you prefer white or ivory, and what your thoughts are on textured vs. flat and matte vs. shimmery and I'll pick the best match for you. I'll coordinate the perfect shade of white to go with your other accent colors - that's my job right?

If you are unsure and nervous about not making the decision yourself, I totally get that, I'm happy to mail out sample swatches to you.

Matte paper choices

Shimmery Paper options